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Nomination Form

Award Criteria

The context within which a CFO functions, including: transparency of financial reporting, the nature of accounting practices, adherence to the highest standards of business behaviour, and a commitment to strong corporate governance practices consistent with current standards and evolving guidelines, will be taken into consideration when evaluating potential candidates.


The nomination package includes two sections.


A. Personal and Career Information

B. Award Criteria


This section requires the submission of supplementary information about how the nominee has exemplified the six Award criteria (Inspirational Leadership, Demonstrating Financial Accountability, Social Responsibility, Innovation, Business Performance, and Mentoring and Development), as detailed below.


As a guideline, this section should be approximately six pages or 2,500 words in length, not including the financial information required for the Demonstrating Financial Accountability section. In addition to the information provided in this section, you can provide a link to a video to support your nomination (optional and maximum 5 minutes in length).


When completing each section, please refer to the appropriate form guidelines in the sidebar. Or, you can download the full criteria and guidelines here.

Canada’s CFO of the Year™ Award nomination form

Form Guidelines

Inspirational Leadership

Consider the following Guidelines:


  • Outline a vision the nominee has provided and/or created, highlighting their leadership within their team and organization. How did the nominee inspire their team to embrace the vision they put forward and achieve success working toward that goal?
  • Describe a critical strategy or initiative that the nominee led that resulted in a successful outcome. How has the nominee led the strategy while also demonstrating an understanding of the macro environment and changing contemporary landscape in which the company and industry operates?
  • Describe specific situations or initiatives where the nominee’s insight, judgment, and ability to lead and inspire have been instrumental in helping to shape the strategic direction and success of the organization.
  • How has the nominee managed to leverage key external partners/stakeholder relationships, such as clients, shareholders, and vendors, among others, to support their organization’s strategies and objectives?
  • Describe how the nominee has helped their organization achieve new levels of growth, and/or has contributed to enhanced valuation.
Business Performance

Consider the following guidelines:


  • Describe how the nominee tackled a business challenge their organization has faced in the past two years. For example, how did the nominee use their personal credibility, act as a catalyst to mobilize staff, and demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills to effect change within their organization?
  • Provide examples to illustrate how your nominee has excelled in the area of deploying resources to meet and exceed financial and operating objectives.
  • Where appropriate, and using metrics where possible, describe how the nominee’s organization’s performance compares to that of its competitors or peers over the past three to five years, under the nominee’s leadership
Financial Accountability
  • Describe notable investor or creditor relations activities that the nominee led or had a prominent role participating in. For example, efforts to successfully attract investment or financing to their organization should be highlighted.
  • Illustrate the nominee’s leadership in stakeholder relations by describing significant interactions the nominee has undertaken with various internal or external corporate stakeholders, such as the board of directors, senior executives, employees, shareholders, analysts, or the wider community.
  • Describe how the nominee has demonstrated leadership in driving financial accountability in their organization and has contributed to ensuring transparency and compliance with financial and operating reporting requirements.
  • Describe how the nominee has communicated their risk management of the organization’s finances to its key stakeholders.
  • Provide examples of excellence in financial and/or operational reporting led by the nominee that have contributed to its various stakeholders having an improved understanding of current and expected future performance.
Social Responsibility
  • Describe an organizational commitment to social responsibility and the role of the nominee in making it successful. If available, please provide a corporate social responsibility or sustainability report, and/or other relevant documentation that can illustrate the work the organization and nominee are doing.
  • How has the nominee’s commitment to social responsibility positively impacted the community and also improved your organization’s reputation?
  • Describe any community outreach programs that the nominee has personally participated in, and the result of their involvement in these programs.

For example:

Perhaps best directed to a nominee from a for-profit entity, how has the nominee led transformational change to enhance their organization’s success through business/financial growth and managing the related investor funding?

Perhaps best directed to a nominee from a non-for-profit or institutional entity, how has your nominee contributed to bringing innovation and creativity to their organization through managing public resources?