Award Criteria Requirements

The context in which a CFO functions, including: transparency of financial reporting, highest standards of corporate behaviour, non-aggressive accounting practices, and a commitment to good corporate governance consistent with current standards and evolving guidelines, will be considered in assessing potential candidates.

Vision and Leadership

Through sound business acumen, astute foresight, and the ability to lead and inspire, the CFO has guided their organization to a new level of growth, financial achievement and recognition.

Corporate Reporting and Performance

Full and fair disclosure, sound financial management, integrity and a commitment to ethical business conduct are central to the role of CFO and consequently, to their organization's financial performance.

Social Responsibility

In addition to a commitment to integrity and a passion for the future of Canadian business, the CFO applies his or her influence, skill, and creativity to make a significant contribution to the profession and to the community.


As an innovator, the CFO can transform and shape the successful financial performance of their organization while exercising sound business judgment and demonstrating excellence in their field.

Business Complexity

The traditional methods of dealing with customers' requirements for quality, cost and delivery necessary for profitable growth are no longer adequate. Increasingly, organizations are required to anticipate changes in the marketplace and be proactive in developing creative solutions that provide value to their stakeholders. Today's CFO plays a key role in enacting this intuitive and proactive approach to managing change and turning it into a competitive advantage.

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