Award Criteria

The following criteria is taken into consideration when evaluating nominees for Canada’s CFO of the Year.


This award is based on the CFO’s role in the period from January 1 – December 31, 2017.


Inspirational Leadership

The contemporary CFO role provides leadership far beyond the balance sheet and financial reporting. Today’s CFO builds upon their requisite financial acumen by developing/implementing their organization’s strategy and leading and inspiring its people.


Social Responsibility

In addition to illustrating commitment to integrity and a passion for business, many CFOs apply their influence, skill and creativity to make a significant contribution to their community, both in and out of the office


Business Performance

The CFO plays an important role in ensuring the success of their
organization – whether that is a publicly listed entity or private company, a notforprofit, or institutional organization, by contributing to its strategic direction and, in turn its business performance


Demonstrating Financial Accountability

Full and fair disclosure, sound financial management, integrity, and a commitment to ethical business conduct are central to the role of CFO and to an organization’s financial performance, whether their entity is publicly listed, private, a not-for-profit, or an institutional organization.



An innovative CFO can help transform and shape their organization. Please provide a detailed description of how the nominee has personally applied an innovative approach to their company and its employees, customers and overall financial processes. Illustrate how this approach has demonstrated innovation and provided excellence to their company and to a particular industry or sector.


Mentoring & Development

Today’s CFO understands the importance of building a great team, supporting the careers and skill development of their staff, succession planning, and furthering the capabilities of finance team professionals.



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